Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Maureen Melvin Sowa
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Professor of History

     Office: E213
     Extension: x2210

Ph.D. (ABD), Clark University
M.A., University of Rhode Island
B.A., University of Hawaii

When I teach, regardless of where I teach or what tools I use, I seek to make the classroom a community where students learn how to learn and, in the end, develop an appreciation for the art of history.

Courses Taught:
HST 113 United States History to 1877
HST 114 United States History from 1877
HST 162 Reading in History
HST 164 The History of Southern New England
HST 257 History of Modern East Asia (China and Japan)
HST 259 History of North American Indian Peoples
HST 260 Topics in History

Research into the effective best practices in eLearning over the last 15+ years
Research into the history of mixed blood whaling ship crews
Research into American Indian History, concentrating in the Eastern Woodland peoples