Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

2013 Awards

President’s National Service Awards

Suzana Blake, 235 hours, BRONZE
Raymond Gorman, 200 hours, BRONZE
Robert Hegarty, 232 hours, BRONZE
Eliana Lopes, 165 hours, BRONZE
Nicola Machado, 100 hours, BRONZE
Joshua Moniz, 100 hours, BRONZE
Andreia Pereira, 128 hours, BRONZE
Samuel Preciado, Jr, 105 hours, BRONZE
Rumana Uddin, 180 hours, SILVER
Janice Vicente, 148 hours, BRONZE
Anne Brum, 261 hours, SILVER
Mariano Gomes, 438 hours, SILVER
Rebecca Kobza, 330 hours, SILVER
Jessica Masse, 263 hours, SILVER
Laurencio Dorsey, 1,994 hours, GOLD
Patrick Higgins, 500 hours, GOLD
Richard Paradise II, 495 hours, GOLD
Katelyn Vieira, 764 hours, GOLD
Faculty and Staff
Gloria Cabral, Instructor in Baking and Pastry Arts, 2,894 hours, GOLD
Ameur Belmedani, Instructor in Mathematics, 124 hours, BRONZE
Suzanne Buglione, Dean of Lash CTL, 250 hours, SILVER
Sally Cameron, Vice President of College Communications, 400 hours, SILVER
Richard E. Horton, Instructor in Computer Aided Drafting, 882 hours, GOLD
Daniel Gilbarg, Professor in Sociology, 4,000+ hours, BLUE
Marlene Pollock, Professor in History, 4,000+ hours, BLUE
Student Community Service Leaders                            
Katie Ashworth, Linus Circle Blankets for Chemotherapy Patients
Charlene Canuel, Totes for Hope & RI Red Cross Youth Corps Drives
Bianca Carreiro, Culinary Arts Event for Middle School Career Day
Whitney Ceesay, Children’s Book Drive
Jennifer Correia, Learning Styles Testing for Students
Kayla Czerwein, Project Cinderella
Brandi Evans, Peer Mentoring Program
Mariano Gomes, Student Senate Book Exchange Program
Christopher Harrington, Programs for Commonwealth Honors Students
Katie Hoenigke, Art Program at Greater Fall River Children’s Museum
Vanna Le, Spring Cleaning Clothing Drive
Kevin Long, CPR Training Assistant for Fall River Public School Department
Keturah Mitchell, Project Cinderella
Alexandra Morel, Student Senate Book Exchange Program
Samuel Preciado, Red Cross Blood Drive
Rumana Uddin, Be Enriched
Katelyn Vieira, Splash of Color Student Theatre Production
Program Recognition Awards
Community Partner:                 
Dwight Giles of the New England Resource Center for Higher Education (NERCHE)
Tufts Dental Facility at Northwoods Medical Center
Fairhaven Council on Aging
Greg Sethares, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs
Suzanne Buglione, Dean of Lash Center for Teaching and Learning
Michael Hull, Acting First-Year Engagement Specialist

Service-Learning Faculty
Melissa Cardelli, Instructor in Early Childhood Education

Civic Engagement Staff
Robin Worthington, Assistant Civic Engagement Coordinator for New Bedford

Student Service-Learning Coordinators/Americorps Leaders in Service
Maurce Cyr
Brandi Evans

Newman Civic Fellows Award
Maurice Cyr

Charles Marcavage Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Participation in Civic Engagement
Maurice Cyr
Brandi Evans