Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

For Community Partners

Benefits for community partners

  • Access knowledgeable human resources not otherwise available
  • Foster opportunities for future community volunteerism and leadership
  • Strengthen connection and collaboration with BCC
  • Contribute to the development of the future workforce


Are you from a school or a non-profit agency or organization that wants more information?

Select the link below for a guide outlining the expected commitment and role of community partners who participate in service-learning at BCC.

Community Partner Guide


Does your school or non-profit agency or organization want to apply to be a BCC Community Partner?

Select the link below to access a page that contains links to Community Partner Application Forms for schools or nonprofit agencies or organization.

Forms and Contracts

Do you want to see a list of BCC Community Partners?

Select the link below to access a page that contains links to lists of BCC Community Partner Placements in the Attleboro, Fall River and New Bedford areas.

Attleboro Partners
Fall River Partners
New Bedford Partners
Taunton Partners


How Can Your Agency Or Organization Become A Service-Learning Community Partner?

Fill out the appropriate Community Partner Information form for a school or a non-profit agency or organization, available on the forms page, and submit it online to Mary Zahm, by FAX at 508.730.3283, or by phone at (508) 678-2811 x.2579 for more information.