Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Before, During and After the Disney College Program

Before you begin your semester at Disney

  1. Register for Co-op! The Disney College Program requires that you earn academic credit or receive recognition while working. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are enrolled in CED 210 while interning with Walt Disney World if you wish to retain your status. If you do not register and pay the appropriate fees, you risk losing your student status and may be removed from the Disney College Program.
  2. Meet with a Co-op Coordinator in order to go over your CED 210 and/or CED 220 course requirements so that you can receive credit for your experience once you return.
  3. If you need to apply for Financial Aid for next year, complete and sign the forms before you leave!
  4. Make sure you have your health plan information. If you need a letter for your insurance to verify your academic status, please contact the Co-op Office.
  5. Bring money with you to buy food and necessities for first two weeks.
  6. Make plans to travel safely. 

While at Disney and Upon Your Return

  1. During your first two weeks at Disney, return the placement form to the Cooperative Eduation Office.  Be sure to indicate which location/attraction you have been assigned to for your work experience.
  2. If you would like to register on-line for courses at BCC for next semester while in Florida, you can obtain registration and course information through the accessBCC website. If necessary, contact Peg Curro, Co-op Director, for your pin number. 
  3. If you leave the program for any reason, contact the Co-op Office.  Depending on time spent and reason for leaving, you may be able to finish your co-op requirements and receive a grade. 
  4. At the end of the Disney College Program, contact the Co-op Office at 508.678.2811, ext. 2407 to set up an appointment to make sure all requirements are complete. Bring any Disney coursework grades with you.