Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


As part of the School-to-Work initiative, the Cooperative Education Office is currently operating a Connecting Activities Grant for the Greater New Bedford Area.

For more information about School-to-Work Activities available through the Cooperative Education Program, please contact the Cooperative Education office.

School-to-Work is an approach to learning for ALL students. It is based on the proven concept that education works best and is most useful for future careers when students apply what they learn to real life, real work situations.

The School-to-Work system:

  • School-based Learning - classroom instruction based on high academic and business-defined occupational skill standards.
  • Work-based Learning - career exploration, work experience, structured training and mentoring at job sites.
  • Connecting Activities - courses integrating classroom and on-the-job instruction, matching students with participating employers, training of mentors and the building of other bridges between school and work.