Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

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This overview of the Connect partnership and some of its principal
activities depicts the ongoing collaboration among the five colleges,
and the invaluable contributions of our partnership to the quality of
life in southeastern Massachusetts.

Individually and together, the Connect schools are working with and
for each one of this region’s elementary and secondary school
systems, all of its municipal governments, most of the area’s public
and non-profit agencies, and a growing number of businesses, large
and small.

To learn more about projects mentioned here and the entire range of
projects conducted by each college, please consult the Connect
homepage and the individual campus links listed below.

Or download the brochure (.pdf)

Connect partnership home page
Bristol Community College
Dr. John J. Sbrega, President

Bridgewater State University
Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria, President
Cape Cod Community College
Dr. Kathleen Schatzberg, President
Massasoit Community College
Dr. Charles Wall, President
UMass Dartmouth
Dr. Jean MacCormack, Chancellor