Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

General Education

Entering a degree or certificate program at Bristol Community College means that you are committed both to expanding your general education and pursuing a career.

At BCC, General Education is a core of courses that helps students strengthen their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics while increasing their awareness and appreciation of historical thinking, important social issues, and the role of languages, literature, science, and the arts in our society.

1.0 Critical Analysis 0 credits

2.1 Written Communication 6 credits

2.2 Oral Communication 0-3 credits

3.0 Scientific Reasoning and Discovery 3-4 credits

4.0 Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning 3-4 credits

5.1 Historical Awareness 3 credits

5.2 Global Awareness AS 0-3; AA 3 credits

5.3 Multicultural Perspective 0-3 credits

5.4 Social Phenomenon 3 credits

6.0 Humanities 3 credits

7.0 Ethical Dimensions 0-3 credits

8.0 Technical Literacy 0-3 credits