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About Gerontology

Earning your certificate in Gerontology will enable you to better understand the challenges, choices, and problems of the aging process. In this program, you will learn the psychological and sociological issues facing older adults and you will gain a better understanding of their issues and how to assist them.

In Gerontology, students learn to understand and effectively respond to the many issues, challenges, choices and problems encountered in the aging process. Boost your resume with specialized service skills or get a head start on a promising career with many job prospects.

What can you do with a Gerontology certificate?

Becoming certified in Gerontology can boost the resume of any active, professional healthcare employee. This is especially true for those professionals who work with the elderly on a regular basis, such as nursing home and assisted living employees. For those breaking into the world of healthcare, this certificate can lay the ground-work for a promising career.

What are the requirements for Gerontology?


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