Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

1. Article Databases

You've used SAILS to find some books on your topic, and the subject headings you saw there will lead to more titles in the Stacks. But what do you do when:

  • You get to the Stacks and the books you're looking for have been checked out
  • Your paper's only supposed to be five pages long and you don't want to condense a dozen books to write it
  • You need current information on your topic and the books on it are all at least three years old
  • You're researching a subject new enough that no one's written a book about it yet

If any—or all!—of the above describe your situation, you'll want to look for articles.

Now you could browse the library's entire collection for some appropriate articles but it might take a while to read all those Tables of Contents to find your topic. Wouldn't it be great if lots of those articles were indexed in one place...on-line?

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