Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

2. The Library Web

The Library uses the Web to make available to BCC faculty, staff and students a wealth of full-text journal articles, periodical indexes in every discipline, and numerous databases of images, statistics, maps, and other information.

Library Web resources are free for your use, because the Farley Learning Resources Center spends thousands of dollars to obtain access for the campus community.

Library Web resources are carefully reviewed and selected by librarians based on their reliability, relevance to BCC studies, and value to academic research.

Library Web resources are organized by the library in a variety of ways that allow you to quickly determine which databases and journals may be valuable to your research.

Library Web resources are meant to be kept permanently. A primary function of a library is to be an organized storehouse of information published throughout time. As well as finding very current information, one can find on the Library Web information, including back issues of journals, going back many years.

Library Web resources come with personal assistance. Librarians are available to help you with any information need you may have.

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