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"Help-Site contains links to hundreds of computer related documents and sites. If you are looking for an FAQ list, a tutorial, a manual, or an official or unofficial support site, as long as it is for a computer related subject, you have come to the right place."

Tech Tutorials

TechTutorials is the "Internet's only search engine solely dedicated to providing links that 'point' directly to the free tutorials and whitepapers across a broad spectrum of computer related topics." This site contains over 1300 tutorials.


TechEncyclopedia provides definitions and explanations of over 20,000 computing terms. This online encyclopedia is based on the Computer Desktop Encyclopedia. Entries contain graphics and illustrations, as well as a list of similar terms.

UNIX Tutorial for Beginners

This site, from the University of Surrey's Department of Electronic Engineering, offers an introduction to UNIX, six tutorials (which may be downloaded), and a link to UNIX Help for Users guide from the University of Edinburgh. Topics covered in the tutorials range from listing files and directories, making directories, copying files, to file system security. The last tutorial offers "Other Useful UNIX Commands."

Web Developer's Virtual Library

This site provides both feature articles on web technology as well as an extensive illustrated encyclopedia, tutorials, links, etc. Novices as well as professional web developers will find an assortment of helpful resources. This site is searchable.


Webopedia is "The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology." This site provides a searchable database of definitions, related terms and categories and their definitions. Included is the term of the day and a listing of the top ten terms.

What Is ... every file format in the world

This site, sponsored by a New Zealand Web hosting service, is an alphabetical list of "Almost every file format in the world!." Selections range from ABK to ZOO. A few numbers and symbols are included as well.


This site provides straightforward definitions of computer-related terms. Suggestions for further reading and links to related sites are included.

Wiredguide: A Beginner's Guide to Computer and Internet Help

A comprehensive site aimed at beginners to the Internet and computing, WiredGuide contains a great deal of information in one place. Resources include instruction and tutorials on "Browsers, Chat/Forum, Downloading, E-mail, General Computing, Internet Basics, Multimedia, Newsgroups, Searching, Security, Viewers & Readers" and extensive lists of links. Also offers Q & A, search engines, terminology, hardware and software information.