Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College


BBC Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps will introduce you to simple, spoken Spanish language. The language you'll learn will help you to find your way, order meals, introduce yourself, etc and to understand predictable things that people will say to you.

English/Spanish and Spanish English Online Resources

Includes dictionary, glossary, and an online thesaurus.

Oye! Interactive Spanish Activities

This site includes activities for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced speaker of Spanish.  Links to the pages in Spanish are currently in development.

Spanish Classroom Online

The Spanish Class Online curriculum is the culmination of several years of experimentation and practice.  The webpage was designed to introduce high school and college students to the study of the Spanish language and to promote an understanding of the Latino culture.  Spanish Class Online is a total Spanish curriculum, centered around the website.  We are constantly adding  study materials, assessments, student guides, and media presentations.

Spanish Grammar Exercises

Grammar exercises from the Trinity University in Texas.