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Legal Resources

Famous Trials

Presents trials from Socrates in 399 B.C. to the present day.  The materials included in the Famous Trials website are original works of authorship, government records, works for which copyright protection has expired, works reprinted with permission, or works that are believed to be within the fair use protection of the copyright laws.

FindLaw for Legal Professionals

consists of a wealth of legal information at the federal and state levels.  This includes codes, statutes and regulations. Federal case law is also included. Supreme Court Opinions

provides access to Supreme Court cases dating back to 1893.  The site allows users to locate opinions by volume, year, party name, citation, and by searching the full-text.  The site also includes links to the Constitution and other Supreme Court resources.

GPO Access: Database List

includes access to resources such as the Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Code, the Congressional Record, Congressional hearings, the United States Budget, and much more.

Law Dictionaries

provides links to online law dictionaries.


provides links to a broad range of legal resources for United States and Canada.  The site can be used to find information such as laws, legal reviews, and introductions to the legal systems.

Martindale's Lawyer Locator

enables users to “search over one million lawyers and law firms in 160 countries by a variety of criteria, including name, geographic location, practice area, firm size, and languages.” 


provides legal information in everyday language.  The site’s features include a legal encyclopedia and dictionary, and links to state statutes.

Supreme Court Collection

“contains decisions of the Supreme Court from 1990 to the present, plus selected decisions from the founding of the Court up to 1990.”

Thomas Legislative Information

on the Internet provides access to Federal legislative information.  This includes copies of bills and laws, the Congressional Record, in-depth background information on the legislative process, and more.