Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Storeroom & Supplies

The Storeroom provides frequently-used office and teaching supplies to the College community at the lowest possible price without sacrificing the quality of the product. This convenience is intended to cut down the necessity of creating purchase orders for everyday items for all departments. Each department with an ORG manager has a storeroom charge-back account to use the storeroom facility. Transfer of monies from other accounts for use in the storeroom account can be done.

The Storeroom is located in the Facilities Management Department, F-103. If you want to place an order from the Storeroom there is a complete list if all Store Items available in Outlook (Public Folders) or from your building secretary.

Please fill out a Supply Requisition Form and send it to William Talbot through inter-campus mail or fax it to (508) 730-3279. Over-the-phone and in-person orders will only be filled in an emergency situation.

Please email Sandra Boscoe any questions or suggestions that you may have to make this Storeroom more useful to you.