Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Who Can Attend

Who can attend Bristol Community College?
You can! We think everyone deserves a chance to get a college education and prepare for a better future. So no matter what your situation or your previous educational experience, there's a place for you at Bristol Community College.

We know, you have questions.

Why go to a community college when I can go right to a four-year college?

A great future doesn't have to have a high price tag.

I don't know what to study...So come find out! Begin in a Liberal Arts program. You can earn general education requirements that can transfer into any degree program. Perhaps you'll even discover a new career!

I was never a good student...Many find that time makes an amazing difference in their abilities and motivation to study. Plus, we offer courses that can improve your skills, and a comprehensive Tutoring and Academic Support Center to provide individual help.

I can't afford to go to college...BCC is an affordable solution. We offer financial aid, and flexible schedules that allow you to schedule your classes around your work and your family commitments. And since a college degree makes you so much more marketable, can you afford NOT to go?

I didn't graduate from high school...We can help you earn your High School Equivalency Certificate

Anything else? send us your questions.