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Immunizations Frequently Asked Questions


What immunizations are required for 2013-2014?

State law requires ALL 12 credit students, ALL students on a VISA and ALL Health Science (except General Studies/Health Science Option) and Early Childhood Ed students to furnish proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, Varicella and Hepatitis B. Health Sciences (NOT General Studies Health Science Option) & Early Childhood Ed students also need a physical exam on the BCC form and a Tuberculosis test before going to practicum.


Must I get immunizations?

Massachusetts law 105CMR 220.600, outlines the requirements for college students. See list above or go to  If you can prove that you had the above vaccines, you do not need to get them again. If you cannot prove that you had them, but you know you did, your doctor can do blood tests to prove immunity to measles, mumps, rubella, varicella and Hepatitis B, and these will satisfy the requirements.  There are certain medical reasons and religious reasons for not getting vaccinated and these will need to be documented.


Do people over a certain age not need proof of immunizations?

Starting in Fall 2011, anyone born in the United States before 1957 does not have to provide proof of MMR unless they are in a Health Science program. Anyone born before 1980 does not have to provide proof of Varicella unless they are in a Health Science program.


Where can I find proof of my vaccines?

·                     High school records (best source)

·                     Elementary school records

·                     Pediatrician

·                     Board of Health where you grew up

·                     Baby book (your mother may have one)


How long do you keep immunization records?

Paper records are kept for about 2 years. An electronic record will be kept for many years but it may not have all the dates you would need; it may only indicate that you have satisfied the requirements. You should keep a record of your own immunizations in a safe place.


Can I get a copy of my records?

Yes. You may come in to get a copy of your records (with proof of identity) or you can sign a release form that would allow us to fax or send them to another college Health Service or Health Care Provider.


Where can I receive a needed vaccine”

Your own doctor, your own town’s Board of Health, CVS Minute Clinic, Walgreens.


Do I have to have a physical examination completed within the last year by my physician to attend Bristol Community College? Only students accepted in one of the Health Science Programs (Not General Studies Health Science Option) need to provide a completed physical examination form. This form will be given to you by the director of the program once you are accepted or you may download one from our website or contact Health Services.


IMPORTANT!  Students who do not complete this requirement will be placed on HOLD for future registrations and transcripts.



Student Health Services, ext. 2232
Fax: 508-730-3286