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AT Lab

Assistive technology (AT) is any device or service that makes academic tasks more manageable for students with disabilities. These devices improve a person's functional capability to complete their coursework. Students are provided with recommendations for appropriate equipment, training and support while using the equipment.

ODS is dedicated to providing all students with access to the equipment and tools necessary to be successful in college.

ODS works in conjunction with the Assistive Technology Lab to offer access to a wide variety of assistive technology. Students receive recommendations for appropriate equipment as well as training and support while using the equipment.

In order to access the AT lab, students must:

  1. Register with Disability Services.
  2. Meet with the assistive technology staff to discuss which form of technology would be most appropriate.
  3. Complete training or demonstrate competency on a piece of assistive technology.Some available technology at the AT Lab includes:

Available Assistive Technology

Kurzweil 1000 by Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.
An advanced reading tool for people who are blind or severely visually impaired. Kurzweil 1000 works on a personal computer in conjunction with a flatbed scanner and synthetic speech to convert printed text into speech.

Kurzweil 3000 by Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.
Reads scanned or electronic text aloud using human sounding synthetic speech. Words are highlighted as they are spoken. This auditory and visual presentation of information helps increase reading accuracy, speed and comprehension for struggling readers.

JAWS For Windows (JFW) by Freedom Scientific, Inc.
Synthesized speech technology that makes it possible for a Windows based computer to speak the information being displayed on the monitor. Key combinations provide access to reading, navigational and system controls for individuals with visual, learning and other impairments.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking by ScanSoft, Inc.
Voice recognition technologies that make it possible to control a computer and enter data without touching the keyboard or the mouse. A person who is unable to use their hands or who must limit their use can move cursors and pointers, perform keystrokes, carry-out system functions and create documents using only their voice.

Screen magnification application for use on Windows based computers.

Duxbury Braille Translator for Windows by Duxbury Systems, Inc.
Windows application used for creating, editing and producing Braille documents. Text in a variety of standard file types (e.g., .TXT, .WRI and .DOC) can be imported and converted to Braille.

Juliet Braille Embosser by Enabling Technologies
Braille printer that produces double-sided (interpoint) Braille documents. Output is 11" (H) X 11.25" (W) pages with 25 lines of 40 characters each per side.

Braille Lite 40
Braille Lite 40 lets choose between 6 or 8 dot Braille input and output. A user can choose to work in speech, Braille or both. Braille Lite 40 cursor routers allow instant movement to any cell on the display, which means fast and easy editing.

Telepathic 2000
Telepathic 2000 is used for people with limited mobility but can single finger type on a keyboard or use an adapted keyboard. Disabilities include partial Quadriplegia, early stages of MS and ALS, Cerebral Palsy, RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome. Also Telepathic 2000 can be used for individuals with learning disabilities or developmental disabilities.

TestTalker is a software solution designed to help individuals be more successful with test taking. TestTalker is a talking program that reads tests, forms and worksheets. It allows a teacher or administrator to scan and configure tests, forms or worksheets so the student can complete the test electronically. The person taking the test can both see and hear the material, ensuring a multi-sensory testing environment. TestTalker is used with fill-in, extended answer, multiple choice, and true/false questions.

Adjustable tables
Adjustable tables and chairs can be requested if needed due to a documented disability.