Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Minority Student Services

Minority students - Do you have questions about programs, financial aid, day care or college activities? Do you know college policies regarding graduation, transfer and academic good standing? Minority Student Services are here for you!! Advisors and counselors equipped to meet the needs of minority students are here at BCC and are available for individual or group sessions. Our goal is to provide you with academic and personal support to allow you to continue to work towards a brighter more secure future.

Our mission
Minority Student Services offers a variety of support services that enrich the overall college experience for students of color. Student success is greatly enhanced through awareness of college expectations and policies, along with a heightened sense of acceptance within the institution. Minority Student Services provides students of color with academic and personal support to enhance and promote success at Bristol Community College. Dedicated to helping students stay on the road to success, Minority Student Services functions as a personal resource from admission to graduation.

The effectiveness and success of our efforts is based on:

  • Providing qualified counseling, advising, and tutoring.
  • Providing sufficient information to enable students to make reasoned, well-informed choices.
  • Establishing an environment that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes and stimulates learning.
  • Providing information concerning academic policies, procedures, services, and programs.
  • Assisting students in developing an identity and relationship with the institution, faculty, peers, and staff.
  • Encouraging students to use campus resources.