Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

The MassTransfer Program

As a BCC student you can participate in MassTransfer, a statewide program that guarantees admission, tuition reduction, and transfer of credit (each based on final GPA) to the University of Massachusetts and most Massachusetts state colleges. Just enroll in an eligible degree program at BCC and complete your associate’s degree at BCC with the required GPA. There is no obligation to attend a Massachusetts public college or university.  For more information on MassTransfer click here


Offers a variety of benefits to students who graduate as well as to students who transfer without degrees

  • Guarantees admission, transfer of credit (NOTE: D- grades DO NOT transfer), and tuition reduction to students who graduate in a MassTransfer eligible program

  • Guarantees satisfaction of general education requirements for non-graduates who meet the MassTransfer Block

How to participate
You will need to submit a MassTransfer Application to the four-year college you are interested in attending (by February 15th for fall admission and by October 15th for spring admission) to complete the MassTransfer Process.

If you are applying as a MassTransfer student to UMASS Amherst please use the application found here.