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Student Services at BCC Attleboro


You start with Admissions, where you can get help in selecting an appropriate academic program of study. Our advisors work with you to evaluate your interests and educational experience. If you need preliminary courses before enrolling in a program, we will make recommendations for taking them. Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3816 for more information.


Before you start your first semester, you will meet with an advisor to plan your first semester’s schedule. The advisor will ask questions about your future plans, interpret your placement test scores (English, reading, arithmetic, and algebra), or credits transferred from another accredited college to create your class schedule.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3535 for more information.


The Bristol Community College Bookstore, located on the second floor (to the left upon entrance of the cafeteria), is operated by Follett Higher Education Group.  You can purchase the texts for your classes as well as BCC logo clothing, popular books, gifts, and school supplies.  You can visit the Credit Course Search and search credit courses. Select the course you are interested in and click on the CRN.  Textbook information, including ISBN, will be provided.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3561 for more information.


Trained counselors can help you sort through all the issues involved in staying on the track you’ve chosen. Personal counseling by our staff of professional counselors can help you with any issues that may affect your academic progress.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3055 for more information.

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services (“ODS”) provides support services at all College campuses and centers that enable students with disabilities to fully participate in the life of the academic community. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact ODS early to allow adequate time to arrange accommodations prior to the beginning of classes. A minimum of 3 – 6 weeks may be needed to arrange for certain accommodations. Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 2996 for more information.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid office provides assistance for all students in covering the cost of college. Staff members will help you file appropriate forms and direct you to alternative funding sources, including scholarships and loans.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3327 or ext. 2682 for more information.

Learning Resource Center (library)

Our library: 1. Develops, maintains, organizes and makes accessible a collection of resources that supports the curriculum and meets the needs of students, faculty and staff. 2. Teaches information literacy skills and knowledge. 3. Provides a physical environment conducive to accessing information, imparting information literacy, learning, studying, and maintaining a collection of print resources. 4. Provides library services designed to meet the information needs of the College community. 5. Collaborates with faculty in an effort to ensure the effective collection and use of library resources.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3745 for more information.

Placement Testing

All students entering a degree or certificate program are required by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to take assessment tests in order to ensure appropriate placement in classes. The tests assess students’ skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with academic background information, are used by College advisors to help students choose courses prior to registration. Should developmental work be necessary, you’ll receive help to select the courses you need.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3527 for more information.


Students may register for classes at any time during the registration period. All students are to be registered in courses by the end of the first week of classes. No course changes will be permitted after that time, except with written approval of the faculty member concerned. Course change forms may be obtained in the Enrollment Center.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3527 for more information.

Transfer counseling

Should you decide to transfer, our transfer counselors can help you meet the requirements of the four-year institution of your choice. Refer to the catalog section called Transferring or check the transfer website for information about services and articulation agreements with other colleges.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3535 for more information.

Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC)

The Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC), offers tutoring in most BCC courses with a special emphasis on “learning how to learn.” Special group tutoring called Supplemental Instruction is also available at TASC. Peer tutors staff this comprehensive tutoring center.  All services are free to BCC students.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3543 for more information.

Writing Center

BCC's Writing Center stands ready to assist you in all your writing needs. Whether you're a student, faculty or staff member, or a member of the community at large, we can help you tackle your writing needs.  As a multidisciplinary writing center, we are prepared to assist you in writing in any subject. The Writing Center offers help on any aspect of the writing process. Learn how to: stay on task; generate ideas; develop a first draft; edit your final draft. No matter where you are in the writing process, you can get the practical help you need to make you a better writer. With computers right in the room, we can have you on your way in no time.  Please call (508) 678-2811 ext. 3529 for more information.