Evacuation Procedures

Review evacuation routes and evacuation zone locations in your classroom with the students.

Identify anyone with temporary or permanent disabilities needing special assistance evacuating.

(Notify team leader assigned to your building.)‌

Emergency evacuation Areas

  • Student Activity Field/Parking Lot 1
  • Parking Lots 2-5/Elsbree sidewalk
  • Parking Lots 6-10 (solar canopies)
  • Parking Lot 12

Bristol Emergency Assembly Areas Fall River_Image

Click here for a downloadable version of the Bristol Community College Fall River campus map.

Evacuation Procedures:

  • Evacuation routes and assembly areas may change depending on the nature and location of the emergency. Listen for instructions.
  • As soon as the Fire Alarm sounds, exit the building by the safest and most direct route
  • Bring attendance sheet if possible
  • Turn off all gas and electrical devices. Close all classroom/hallway doors and windows, but leave unlocked for firefighter access.
  • Walk without delay, but do not run
  • Follow the red EXIT signs posted in the hallways and classrooms. Each office and classroom has a map with evacuation routes posted.
  • Evacuate, following signs to the “evacuation zones” located in the parking lots on either side of the pond
  • If you suspect a fire is behind a door; cover your hand to provide protection and then test the door by touching it. If it is hot then DO NOT attempt to use the door as an exit. Try to find an alternate route for an exit.
  • Faculty/Staff members will escort any physically challenged person to the nearest stairwell. Remain with that person and send another person who is leaving the building to notify the team-building leader, campus police or the Fire Department of their location. Fire Department or Campus Police will assist those individuals in vacating the building.
  • The assigned building team leader must check lavatories and alerts occupants
  • Account for all students when you reach the evacuation zone and notify the building team leader if anyone is missing or needs medical attention.
  • Remain at the evacuation zone; DO NOT RE-ENTER the school until authorized by the Fire Department or Campus Police.

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