Lockdown & Shelter in Place

A lockdown and shelter in place is called when conditions call for securing yourself in a safe place and waiting until a uniformed authority says that it is safe to end.

A lockdown and shelter in place is when you:

  1. Move into a sheltered place as safe as possible (a room, an office, an enclosed space, preferably with a door that can be locked)
  2. Lock yourself in. If the door does not lock, barricade doors with furniture
  3. Move away from all doors and windows and shelter yourself with furniture
  4. Mute cell phones and turn off lights
  5. In silence, wait for an all-clear

For more please watch the following video:

Authorities will use BCCalert and other notification systems. Because we cannot send BCCalert just to a specific campus, you will likely get the notice, but we will identify where the lockdown will take place.

For more information, please contact Campus Police.