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President John Sbrega's Goals & Objectives for Fiscal Year 2015-16

I. Vision Project Goal: College Participation (including Closing Achievement Gaps[marked *]) 
Bristol Community College (BRCC) Strategic Planning Goal: Successful Students 

A. Develop strategies to continue to expand access for underserved populations. 

1. Implement robust outreach program to recruit specialized populations, including veterans, students of color, and older students.*
2. Refine and further strengthen Dual Enrollment to recruit and retain those targeted by Department of Higher Education.*
3. Create a pilot agreement with the University of Massachusetts to participate in the $30,000 joint degree program. 

B. Assess technology options that promote student enrollment and retention. 

1. Develop specifications for a data analytic tool that effectively informs decision-making throughout the College.
2. Explore and implement customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that bolster communication and contact with existing constituents, develop and nurture new relationships with the community, and provide a feedback loop to improve overall levels of customer service to the community.
3. Upgrade the College portal accessBCC to provide a more unified and comprehensive gateway for students to access services and information. 

C. Foster strong partnerships among work areas to improve messaging, marketing, and outreach for both credit and noncredit students. 

1. Strengthen BRCC link with Career Centers. 

a) Establish BRCC as a vendor/service provider of choice for each service area Career Center.
b) Utilize community college network and statewide Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) planning team to shape state plan for re-engineering of workforce system.
c) Create administrative and programmatic plans to transition noncredit students into credit programs. 

D. Develop robust planning and development schedule for each campus. 

1. Attleboro
2. New Bedford
3. Taunton
4. Fall River 

E. Position BRCC as college and vendor of choice. 

1. Work statewide and regionally to develop the $30,000 baccalaureate pathway with public colleges.
2. Create messaging platforms that illustrate BRCC as the smart choice for education and training and to build college-going aspirations.
3. Increase number of students achieving industry certifications/credentials in workforce programs.
4. Increase number of noncredit students successfully entering degree enrollment by 5 percent.
5. Support the expansion of Life Science Programs in New Bedford and Attleboro. 

II. Vision Project goal: College Completion (including Closing Achievement Gaps [marked *]) 
Bristol Community College Strategic Planning Goal: Successful Students 

A. Increase fall-to-fall rate for first-time freshmen by 1 percent.* 

B. Expand guided pathways more broadly across curriculum 

1. Incorporate new student orientation programming into Academic Advising.
2. Strengthen and improve working relationships among professional advisors, faculty advisors, and academic program directors.
3. Improve two-year developmental math progress rate for first-time freshmen by 2 percent.
4. Narrow gap between African American and Latino/a and White students on six-year “Achieving the Dream” success rate.* 

C. Increase number of graduates by 1 percent to improve the six-year “Achieving the Dream” metric. 

D. Implement a sustainable Prior Learning Assessment system to increase student participation in opportunities to earn credit in a timely manner. 

E. Expand credit and noncredit programming to prepare learners for STEM and healthcare careers. 

F. Create programming to encourage members of underserved populations to close achievement gaps and encourage college completion.* 

1. Establish Veterans Services Center.
2. Incorporate early intervention programs into Multicultural Student Center programming.* 

G. Design and implement high-impact persistence and retention programming in the STEM disciplines to promote success for underserved populations.* 

H. Create a pilot program to better prepare adult learners to enter and persist in college. 

III. Vision Project Goal: Student Learning
Bristol Community College Strategic Planning Goal: Successful Students, Strong Partnerships, Engaged Campuses 

A. Continue to expand the culture of assessment. 

B. Use LEAP rubric to inform evaluation and update of General Education competencies. 

C. Develop credit and noncredit pathways to expand numbers of students entering and succeeding in STEM/Health programs. 

D. Implement systematic assessment of student learning outcomes. 

IV. Vision Project Goal: Workforce Alignment (including Closing Achievement Gaps [marked *]) 
Bristol Community College Strategic Planning Goal: Strong Partnerships 

A. Align curriculum with workforce needs. 

1. Identify potential new programs in STEM.
2. Review/assess/identify career programs for workforce alignment.
3. Nursing pipeline to BSN/MSN. 

B. Build/expand engagement with the business community and employers to make BRCC vendor of choice. 

C. Expand curricular options in Life Sciences. 

D. Align and coordinate BCC recruitment strategies at Career Centers with the goals of the TAACCCT 4 grant.* 

E. Provide leadership to shape the development of the Massachusetts “United/Combined Plan” for workforce system. 

V. Vision Project Goal: Preparing Citizens
Bristol Community College Strategic Planning Goal: Engaged Campuses 

A. Campus and College Partnerships 

1. Enhance students’ Service-Learning and Civic Learning experiences through efficient processes, quality pedagogy, and community partnerships.
2. Provide professional development opportunities at each campus utilizing Education Advisory Board (EAB) webinars for faculty and staff to engage students.
3. Develop and implement orientation programming for men of color through the Leading for Change initiative.
4. Increasing and improving student internships of all kinds to build workforce-related skills, provide critical workplace experience and meet regional employment needs. 

B. Preparedness and Compliance 

1. Ensure college-wide compliance with new Clery Act and Title IX regulations.
2. Further strengthen Emergency Preparedness Plan including enhancing existing notification system.
3. Further implement state-of-the-art information security systems to protect College assets and community information. 

C. Career and Transfer 

1. Expand scope of Career and Transfer Services at Attleboro, New Bedford, and Taunton sites.
2. Create linkages and programming that develop career pathways for noncredit student. 

VI. Bristol Community College Strategic Planning Goal: Sustainable Growth and Change; Engaged Campuses 

A. Conduct a broad-based 50th anniversary celebration that includes all stakeholders, reinforces College enrollment and retention goals, and shapes the College’s future. 

B. Engage new funding sources and donors at all campuses through Capital Campaign to support expansion. 

C. Complete content development and College proposals for a NEASC Spring 2017 report. 

D. Develop a new Strategic Plan with broad College participation. 

Click here to download BCC's 2015-16 President’s Goals. 

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