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2014 NEASC Self-Study Report


Institutional Characteristics Form
President's Message
Steering Committee
Table of CIHE Actions, Items of Special Attention, or Concerns
Institutional Overview

The Standards

Standard 1 / Mission and Purpose

Standard 1 Data Forms

Standard 2 / Planning and Evaluation

Standard 2 Data Forms

Standard 3 / Organization and Governance

Standard 3 Data Forms:
Organization and Governance
Locations and Modalities

Standard 4 / The Academic Program

Standard 4 Data Forms:
Credit Hours Generated By Department or Comparable Academic Unit
Summary - Enrollment and Degrees
Headcount by Undergraduate Major
Headcount by Graduate Major

Standard 5 / Faculty

Standard 5 Data Forms:
Appointments, Tenure, Departures, and Retirements
Highest Degrees and Teaching Assignments
Number of Faculty by Department or Comparable Unit
Rank, Gender, Salary

Standard 6 / Students

Standard 6 Data Forms:
Financial Aid, Debt, and Developmental Courses

Standard 7 / Library and Other Information Resources

Standard 7 Data Forms:
Information Technology

Standard 8 / Physical and Technological Resources

Standard 8 Data Forms

Standard 9 / Financial Resources

Standard 9 Data Forms:
Statement of Debt
Statement of Financial Position/Statement of Net Assets
Statement of Revenues and Expenses
Supplemental Data

Standard 10 / Public Disclosure

Standard 10 Data Forms

Standard 11 / Integrity

Standard 11 Data Forms

Appendices and Documents

Appendix Items

Affirmation of Compliance w/Federal Requirements of Title IV
E & S Forms on Student Achievement and Success
CCSSE/NEASC Accreditation Toolkit
Most Recent Audited Financial Statements
Auditor's Management Letter