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One of the richest treasures BCC Theatre can boast of is our multitalented and devoted designers who light and dress, build and compose our stages.

Shawn Elliott's lighting designs have illuminated equally the stage itself and our students' understanding with his sharp eye and inner sense of coloring. He has brought many students along to careers in technical theatre through patient nurturing during hands-on work with each design and building problem. Under Shawn's guidance our students build stages, focus lights and create new designs in the areas of scenery and lighting.

Cynthia Brenner has spent many years costuming and designing makeup for the diverse worlds we bring to our stage. She has nurtured and taught many students, who come to us without experience, to sew, to see, to draw and to render costumes that dress and create odd assortment of characters stalking our boards.

David Mello's masks have brought strong emotions to our audience with the bold expressive quality of mytho-logical and epic characters. He has enabled our students to create the power of dreams and light up our imaginations with the blaze of fantasy and the power of myth. We are now pleased to add the artistry of Vinny Lovegrove, director of Miracle Fish Puppet Theatre to our productions.

Anne Watson Born has brought the sounds - both original with her own compositions, and traditional music, in everything from sound scrapes to lobby music. Her versatility includes conducting and music direction, composition and an expansive vocabulary of sound and music. Our students learn singing, instrumental skills, and sound awareness as they strengthen confidence in this dimension of theatre.

These designers, Shawn G. Elliott, Cynthia Brenner, David Mello, Vinny Lovegrove and Anne Watson Born, have enriched our theatre and have selflessly nurtured our students with their deep and wide ranging talents. In this combination, this collaboration, that makes our theatre strong and unique.