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Performing Opportunities - BCC students form the core of BCC Theatre Rep, the College's resident performing repertory ensemble company. All students are welcome in BCC Theatre Rep.

Main stage productions - Mounted at least twice a year, a production may be a classic work, such as a Shakespeare play, or post-modern and original movement piece, or anything in between. To prepare for performances, students immerse themselves in studying the worlds and cultures represented in the play.

Studio777 - Named after our auspicious address, Studio777, BCC THEATRE REP is pleased to announce an additional enhancement to our program. These semi-annual productions will allow students to get closer to the compositional components of theatre, learning a language with which to touch their world.

Student production workshops - Workshops provide practical opportunities to refine skills and explore creativity in these productions run by students.

Theatre conferences and festivals - BCC Theatre Rep students participate in a variety of festivals and theatre conferences, interact with theatre students from other colleges, and gain experience performing on the road touring local colleges and theatres.

Mentor program - Selected BCC Theatre Rep students work with fourth through sixth graders in the Fall River Mentor program, teaching theatre games and exercises, and helping young actors to explore their own abilities.

Here is a chance to visualize the work that has been created by the students here at Bristol Community College. The most recent production and prior productions are made available for all to see through photographs both during rehearsal and the production. Click here to view Previous Theatre Rep productions at BCC!