Student Senate

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The Student Senate is the student governmental body which meets once a week and represents and addresses student concerns within the structure of the College governance. They prepare the annual budget for student activities and organizations, approve new organizations and evaluate the activities of established ones.

Elections for new Senators are held each fall with any vacancies filled by appointment.

The term of each Senator is up to 4 semesters. To be eligible to run for the Senate, a student must be in good academic standing, maintain satisfactory academic progress, and currently be enrolled in classes. In addition, Senators are required to hold office hours so they are available to the student body.

Student Senators

Isaac Cortes, Senator

Chad Costa, Senator

Paul Lenz, Senator

Christopher Manfredi, Senator

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Emily Pelletier, Senator

Nathaniel Raposo, Senator

Student Senate_Nathaniel Raposa

Valerie Romero, Senator

Adam Rose, Senator

Mary Rudd, Senator

Derrick Sims, Senator

Abbryanna Tirado, Senator

Student Senate_Abbryanna Tirado Image

Shiv Kum Thakur, Senator

Paul Vermette II, Senator

Student Senate_Paul Vermette Image