Event Scheduling


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The Event Scheduling office schedules and coordinates all non-academic activities such as meetings and events for day, evening, and weekend use. 

The Event Scheduling office is located in the Facilities Management Department and can be reached at 774-357-2945.

When calling to schedule a meeting or event, please provide the following information: dates, times, number of people attending the meeting or event, what equipment may be needed or any other criteria that you will need to conduct your meeting or event.

Available Non-Academic Program Space: 

Conference rooms

  • A-115a  
  • C-110
  • D-209
  • G-127
  • G-211a
  • G-222
  • J-211
  • K-119
  • L-108

Meeting rooms/classrooms

  • C-111
  • Arts Center Theater
  • Arts Center Brick Area/Lobby
  • Commonwealth Center Lobby
  • Commonwealth Center Dining Room
  • Commonwealth Center Atrium
  • Margaret Ryckebusch Faculty and Staff Lounge


Room Scheduling and Space Reservations

Use this request if you are a faculty member looking for classroom or lab space for your course.

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Use this request if you are a faculty or staff member looking to book space for non-academic events in any of our locations, Fall River, New Bedford, Attleboro, or Taunton locations. Your login is the same as your computer login credentials. Once there, use the non-Academic Room Request.

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Things to Remember When Scheduling a Space:

  • All requests must be submitted digitally regardless of campus location.
  • Blackout dates will occur during Finals Week and Orientation and Professional Days. During these blackouts, classrooms and general activity spaces will not be available.
  • Only faculty advisors are authorized to submit event requests on behalf of student clubs.

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If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a training session on how to use the digital scheduling service, please contact Laura Carlson at 774.357.2599 or email Laura.Carlson@BristolCC.edu.