Professional Development

Bristol employees can take many different learning and development opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to better serve our students and community and contribute to the success of the College.

Training Catalogue

Human Resources is pleased to offer employees professional development opportunities via our Emerging Leaders training series, Director level professional development series, and Lunch & Learn sessions. Please check out our latest training catalogue and lunch and learn schedule here. Please note that this document will be updated as additional dates are confirmed.

Center for Instructional Technology Expertise

The Center for Instructional Technology Expertise (CITE) assists the faculty and professional staff at Bristol in creating and using multimedia teaching and learning tools. The CITE lab offers a variety of workshops throughout the year and is also available for drop-in use and one-on-one assistance with a variety of instructional technology needs. For more information and a list of upcoming workshops visit the Center for Instructional Technology Expertise.

Lash Center for Teaching and Learning

The College's Lash Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides professional development opportunities and resources for Faculty and Professional Staff members and houses the Adjunct Faculty Center. For more information visit the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee oversees the application process for professional development funds. Full-time and part-time faculty and professional staff are eligible to apply for funding for workshops or individual projects. Individual proposals must detail the extent to which the proposed activity will assist the applicant in meeting in institutional and/or professional goals or needs. Workshop proposals must detail the potential of the proposed activity to meet the needs and interests of the widest range of individuals and to address current special needs and activities to the College. The Professional Development proposal process is communicated at specific times during the academic year and the frequency is dependent upon funding resources. For more information regarding the Professional Development application process, please contact the Executive Vice President’s Office.

Classified Employee Development Committee

The Classified Development Committee oversees the application process for the classified development funds. Full-time and part-time, benefited, classified employees are eligible to apply for funding for workshops or individual projects upon completion of the six month probation period per the AFSCME Collective Bargaining Agreement. For workshop funding, a  Classified Development Workshop Proposal‌‌ should be completed in a manner that meets the needs and interests of the widest range of individuals and addresses current special needs and program initiatives of the College.

For individual funding, the Classified Development Individual Funding Request 2017-18 should be completed describing the major elements of the proposed activity. Completed applications are due to the Human Resources Office a month before you are scheduled to attend. Please note: The Committee meets during the first week of each month to review proposals and appropriate funds. Contact Human Resources, ext. 2196, if you have any questions regarding Classified Development.

Classified Employee Professional Development/Educational Assistance

Article 17 Section 8 of the AFSCME Local 1067 contract provides monies to unit members for professional development or educational assistance for reimbursement of course monies on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click here for application instructions. 

Perkins Professional Development Committee

The Perkins Postsecondary Professional Development grant provides funding to full-time and part-time faculty and staff that support the goal of raising student achievement/retention in both academic and career/technical fields. Preference is given to activities that address:

  1. Student learning outcomes, standards-based curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment practices
  2. Enhancement of work-based learning skills
  3. Strategies to support students with disabilities, single parents, students whose first language is not English, and/or students in programs non-traditional for their gender.

All activities funded by Perkins must include a plan for dissemination of skills or knowledge gained. For example, attendance at a conference may be considered if there is a plan to share information through department meetings, revised curriculum, or some other format. 2018-2019 funding opportunities are not yet available, please monitor Bristol Weekly for an announcement.