Help with accessBCC

Connecting to accessBCC

To get started using accessBCC, go to the Bristol homepage and click on the accessBCC logo at the top of the page or connect to directly by going to

Finding your Advisee List

Your accessBCC account can help you manage many of the tasks associated with advisement. With accessBCC you can get advisee contact information including addresses and phone numbers as well as e-mail addresses. In fact, you can even e-mail all of your advisees in one distribution list with the click of a button. Other features include printing advisee schedules, transcripts, test scores and other important academic information. You can also work out “what-if” scenarios with advisees who are interested in changing their major. Simply by entering the new major an advisee can get a complete degree audit that will show them which of their courses will “count” in their new program.

The following instructions will help guide you through each of accessBCC options.

To get started using accessBCC:

  • If you have used your accessBCC account in the past, click the School Services tab at the top of the page. From the School Services page click accessBCC. From here you can access many college administrative functions including grade submission, class rosters as well as advisement.
  • Click on the Faculty option in the middle of the page.
  • Choose the term you wish to review and click Submit.
  • You can now access advisement tools on accessBCC.

All of your advisees will be listed on the next page with various options for information (personal information, registration holds, test scores, transcripts, and degree audit). Every function can be accessed by clicking the “View” icon.

Each (or all) of your advisees can be e-mailed directly by clicking the envelope icon (to e-mail all your advisees use the icon at the bottom of the page).

Please Note:

  • Some features require advisee permission to access.
  • Advisement tools on accessBCC may not function if your advisee load consists of 40 or more students