Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Student Right to Know

Campus Security

BCC shares many of the same interests and problems as the larger community including the concern about crime.  The College and its Campus Police Department work to minimize the incidence of crime on campus and to provide a safe, comfortable environment for students, staff, and campus visitors.


Enrollment Information
Additional information about BCC can be found at the Office of Postsecondary Education's National Center for Educational Statistics Web site.  Here you will be able to find academic year costs, enrollment, graduation statistical information and campus security.   


Voter Registration Form
As part of the Higher Education Amendment, this institution must provide you with the opportunity to register to vote. Accordingly, please click on this link to request a mail-in voter registration form be sent to you. Please note that you may choose between a Massachusetts form and a Federal form. The Massachusetts form can only be used to register to vote in Massachusetts. The Federal form may be used to register in most other states.


Please note that you CANNOT register to vote via the internet, but you can request a voter registration form! Then, look for your voter registration form in the mail. Fill out the form completely, and return it to your city or town hall. Further, the address for your city or town hall may also be found at the bottom of the page on this link.

REMEMBER YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED TO VOTE UNTIL YOU RETURN THE COMPLETED VOTER REGISTRATION FORM TO YOUR LOCAL CITY OR TOWN HALL. The local clerk will thereafter provide you with acknowledgment of your voter registration; if you do not receive an acknowledgment of your voter registration within a reasonable time, please check with your local clerk for more information.