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30 Years of Printmaking
James Stroud and Center Street Studio

October 30 – December 11, 2014

30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking 30 Years of Printmaking

James Stroud established the Center Street Studio in 1984 with the idea of creating a collaborative environment for artists to make prints. Over the years Center Street Studio has earned an outstanding reputation as a world-class printmaking workshop and Stroud has worked with many established and emerging artists. Under his direction, the success of the studio derives in part from creating a richly supportive and vibrant atmosphere for artists to develop their ideas. He invites artists whose work he finds interesting, whose work he respects and knows that he can develop a project with. He is also recognized for his instinctive ability to discover artists whose work may not yet be well known. As both the creative and executive director, Stroud also works with those artists to publish, promote, distribute, and exhibit the works made under his direction.

Stroud is also an artist in his own right and his work is informed as much by the printmaking process, as it is by the relationships he has forged with the people he has collaborated with over the years. He has said of his own work, "it's about process and repetition. I am a linear thinker; what interests me as an artist is what is possible through linear means, conceptually and procedurally."

We are delighted to bring to you a retrospective of works produced by Center Street Studio as well as a selection of James Stroud's personal works. Center Street Studio is the embodiment of a synergy of collaborative relationships formed by creative purpose.

Kathleen Hancock


One of the real challenges over the past 30 years has been to establish a balance between my printing and publishing work and my own studio practice. I never let it stress me too much and that strategy seems to work. By allowing the work I do for others compliment and inform my own practice, it allows my own work to develop on a more natural, albeit slower, pace. Although never completely satisfied with the volume of my output, I am pleased with the quality of it.


Artist and Master Printer James Stroud studied printmaking with legendary printmaker Stanley William Hayter at Atelier 17, Paris in 1980-81. He received his MFA in painting and printmaking from the Yale School of Art in 1984, after which he established Center Street Studio in its original location at 1 Center Street Gloucester, Massachusetts. Now located in a post-and-beam barn in Milton, Center Street Studio is in its 30th year of publishing print projects with artists of national and international reputation. Stroud is particularly respected for actively seeking out emerging talent and pursuing projects with young artists. The studio specializes in intaglio techniques and produces woodcut and monotype projects as well.