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Monday–Friday: 10 am–4 pm
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Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery is free and open to the public.

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Exhibition Feature

BCC instructors show off their skills an annual exhibit

SouthCoast Today by Don Wilkinson

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'He had taken our class to the Metropolitan Museum. He asked us what our favorite work of art was but I could never tell it was him.' —Rufus Wainwright

Ten faculty members from the art and design programs at Bristol Community College are currently displaying their work at that institution"s Grimshaw-Gudewicz Art Gallery on the Fall River campus.

The displayed works are an admirable exemplification of the diverse media and styles utilized by the school"s team of art instructors.

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Current Exhibition

Bristol Community College

Art and Design Faculty Exhibition

Works by Full-time and Adjunct Art and Design Program Faculty

October 31 – December 12, 2019

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The gallery closes 2019 with the return of our triennial BCC Art and Design Faculty Exhibition. The show features work by Sixten Abbot, Maryellen Atkins, David Barnes, Brooke Mullins Doherty, Denise Donatelli, Erik Durant, David Graves, Kathleen Hancock, Katherine Knutsen, and Greg Rebis.

Our faculty exhibition provides an opportunity for students to see what their teachers are up to. It is a means for all of us to explore some of the ways that studio practice informs, not only the work produced, but also how it might contribute to the teaching and learning environment.

The art and design curriculum provides an array of learning opportunities across a range of visual thinking disciplines. And the faculty who teach at Bristol bring their expertise and devotion into the classroom. Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession. One cannot make another learn something. But one can instill the value and importance of making work that builds on common interests and shared passions about what we do. Through a combined effort of enthusiasm and commitment, the faculty generate learning environments that are conducive to the joy and scholarship of learning, as well as awakening, expanding, and harnessing the creative pursuits of our students.

As always, we are delighted by the diversity, enthusiasm, and rigor our artist/teachers' works reveal.

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