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Exhibition Feature

BCC exhibit 'Emotional Structure' features work by Michael Cochran and Lloyd Martin

The Herald News by Linda Murphy

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The relationship between rationality and emotion is the vein that runs through "Emotional Structure," an exhibition of work by Michael Cochran and Lloyd Martin, opening at Bristol Community College's Grimshaw-Gudewicz Gallery Jan. 24.

The balance between rationality and emotion— and the means of balancing the two divergent concepts through structure — is a conversation the two artists have delved into many times over the years, said Cochran. "We come about it from different perspectives, but we end up making that same kind of statement, that balance," he added.

In his paintings, sculptures and works on paper, Cochran draws on the structure of ancient forms such as Egyptian obelisks and Sumerian ziggurats bringing emotion to the pieces through color and gold.

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Current Exhibition

Michael Cochran & Lloyd Martin
Emotional Structure

January 24 – February 21, 2019

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We launch 2019 with an exhibition of paintings, works on paper, and sculpture by Michael Cochran and Lloyd Martin. Called Emotional Structure, the exhibition explores relationships between the logical and the expressive. Cochran and Martin are influenced by architectural form, notions of structure and space, and repetition of pattern. But they each establish a singular approach to making images. Seeing their work together, a lively and synergistic exhibition is the result.

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