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Exhibitions: Past

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2019 – 2020

Rooted in Memory

Rooted in Memory

Yary Livan   Pete Pin   Amy Lee Sanford  
LinDa Saphan   Savonnara Sok

September 5 – Ocotober 11, 2019

The Gallery reopens on September 5 with the exhibition called Rooted in Memory. The show features the work of Yary Livan, Pete Pin, Amy Lee Sanford, LinDa Saphan, and Savonnara Sok.

2019 – 2018

Alison Horvitz Full Circle

Alison Horvitz Full Circle ⭕

May 30 – June 28, 2019

The exhibition, Full Circle, is a tribute to the life of the artist Alison Horvitz. Alison was an artist and a teacher who lived and worked in Fall River.

I had the pleasure of a studio visit with Alison in October 2015. Her studio at Jefferson Street was filled with activity.

Student 2019

Annual Juried Student Art & Design Exhibition 2019

Selected Works From All Fine Art and Graphic Design Studio Courses

April 25 – May 9, 2019

Bristol Community College's annual student exhibition features works by students enrolled in the Art and Design Programs. Begun in 2005, the show's juried format provides students the opportunity to engage in the professional practice of preparing works for entry into an exhibition.

5th All Media Juror' s Choice

Lindsey Epstein    Marcia Goodwin
Germana Rodrigues    Gregory Sampl

An Exhibition of Work by the Winners of the 5th All Media Juror's Choice Award

March 7 – April 5, 2019

This exhibition is an opportunity for us to see more from the winners of the 5th All Media Juror's Choice Award. Our All Media Juried Exhibition, a recurring event, is a spontaneous and lively exhibition.

Emotional Structure

Michael Cochran & Lloyd Martin
Emotional Structure

January 24 – February 21, 2019

We launch 2019 with an exhibition of paintings, works on paper, and sculpture by Michael Cochran and Lloyd Martin. Called Emotional Structure, the exhibition explores relationships between the logical and the expressive.

How's Your Weather

How's Your Weather?

Artists Respond to Climate Change and Sustainability

Works by Resa Blatman, Michèle Fandel Bonner, Tom Deininger, Phyllis Ewen, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, Cristi Rinklin, and Marita Torbick

October 25 – December 7, 2018

Artists often recycle or repurpose materials into works of art. We paint over old canvases, recycle fibers and paper to make new sheets of paper, reclaim wood, cast objects made of clay and then use the clay to make new sculptures that can be cast again.



Milisa Galazzi | Toby Sisson | Kristin Street

September 6 – October 11, 2018

The way humans engage with stories is time-based. There is usually a beginning, middle, and an end. We expect that because that is also how we perceive moving through time. We experience the present moment, but it is evaluated or tempered by our awareness of linear time.

2018 – 2017

Juried 2015

5th All Media Juried Exhibition

May 31 – June 28, 2018

In 2009 the first All Media Juried Exhibition ushered in a new exhibition format for the gallery. That first show featured a dynamic, exciting, and diverse array of works from artists across our region. Now a biennial event, the fourth time around is just as exciting as it was the first time. This year, forty-eight artists participated in the process and a total of one-hundred-eight works were submitted for consideration.

Student 2018

Annual Juried Student Art & Design Exhibition 2018

Selected Works From All Fine Art and Graphic Design Studio Courses

April 26 – May 10, 2018

Bristol Community College's annual student exhibition features works by students enrolled in the Art and Design Programs. This year's juror is Mary Dondero, an Interdisciplinary Artist exhibiting nationally and internationally and Professor of Art at Bridgewater State University, a founding member of Imago Foundation for the Arts, Warren, RI, and Curator of Exhibits at Bristol Art Museum, Bristol, RI.



An Exhibition Curated by Catherine Carter

Works by Deborah Barlow, John Borowicz, Catherine Carter, Michael Hecht,
Keri Straka, and Kathleen Volp

March 8 – April 6, 2018

Otherworldly, curated by Catherine Carter, was produced by the gallery as part of its ongoing Visiting Curator Series.


Untitled (Still Not Titled Yet)

An Exhibition by Sam Duket and Brad Fesmire

January 25 – February 22, 2018

Artists are alchemists of a sort. They often rely on the transformation of materials as the method of transmission to reveal the essence of their ideas. As such, there is always an implicit and necessary relationship between media, skill, and intent. These notions also reflect considerations about preparation and execution. Woodworking encourages curiosity about materials, accepting limitations, and a respect for process.



The Art of Samuel Bak

October 26 – December 8, 2017

lluminations: The Art of Samuel Bak features 28 original works by world-renowned artist and Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak. He has devoted his life to creating work that expresses his reflections, experiences, and memories of living through the horrors of the Holocaust.



Photographs by Kathie Florsheim

September 7 – October 12, 2017

Tone, tempo, shape, color and composition are interchangeable in the aural and visual arts. Interludes are passages between two moments. Every photograph is a present that references both past and future. —Kathie Florsheim

2017 – 2016

Current Abstraction

Current Abstraction

Robert Kirschbaum | Scott Reeds | Marc St. Pierre | Janine Wong

June 1 – June 29, 2017

We close the academic year with an exhibition of works by Robert Kirschbaum, Scott Reeds, Marc St. Pierre, and Janine Wong. Current Abstraction is an exuberant exhibition of works that are both a celebration of a conceptual approach to making work and an acknowledgement that abstraction is another way of responding to the complexities of the world around us.

Student 2017

Annual Juried Student Art & Design Exhibition 2017

Selected Works From All Fine Art and Graphic Design Studio Courses

April 27 – May 11, 2017

Bristol Community College's annual student exhibition features works by students enrolled in the Art and Design Programs. This year's juror is Heather Shaw, Design Department Chair, Associate Professor of Design, College of Art and Design, Lesley University.

Figuratively Speaking

Figuratively Speaking

Deborah Baldizar | Pamela Hoss | Judy Volkmann | V.F. Wolf

March 9 – April 7, 2017

Throughout time, depictions of the human body reflect a multitude of complex cultural and societal constructs. The body has been idealized as an image of our aspirations of perfection, as in the depiction of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses.

Accretion Systems

Accretion Systems

An Installation by Jackie Brown

January 26 – February 23, 2017

We open 2017 with an installation by Jackie Brown. With the exhibition Accretion Systems, Brown has transformed the gallery into a kind of bio lab where she imagines and choreographs a tangible and immersive environment. It is at once welcoming and a little unsettling. Are we part of her experiment or merely an explorer in this strange world?

BCC Art and Design Faculty Exhibtion 2016

BCC Art and Design Faculty Exhibition 2016

Works by Full-time and Adjunct BCC Art and Design Program Faculty

November 3 – December 8, 2016

We cap 2016 with the return of our triennial BCC Art and Design Faculty Exhibition. As always, we are delighted by the diversity, enthusiasm, and rigor our artist/teachers' work reveals. Studio teaching and making are often woven together in ways that mutually support the creative process for everyone.

Catherine Bertulli & Maxwell Van Pelt

Catherine Bertulli
Maxwell Van Pelt

September 8 – October 13, 2016

We open the 2016-17 academic year with an exuberant and dynamic exhibition of works by Catherine Bertulli and Maxwell Van Pelt. The language used to describe ideas about art often utilizes a contextual vocabulary – one that can at times reflect or reveal the nuances of the human condition. This can be especially useful to describe works that are non-objective articulations of our circumstance.

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