Important Dates

Going to college isn't the only thing on your schedule. You might have work, children, and you need to make some time for yourself. We've got you covered.

Find all the important dates for the current BCC semester and beyond below.

Summer 2018 Semester Dates

Summer Classes Begin

June 4: Classes Begin, 6-wk Option I

July 16: Classes Begin, 6-wk Option II

June 4: Classes Begin, 11-wk Option

May 29: Classes Begin, 13-wk Option
July 4: Independence Day. No classes.

Summer Final Examinations

July 11-15: Final Examinations, 6-wk Option I
August 20-26: Final Examinations, 6-wk Option II
MTRFSU, August 13-19 and August 22: Final Examinations, 11-wk Option
August 21-27: Final Examinations, 13-wk Option

Fall 2018 Semester Dates

August 29:
BCC Day One/Advisor meetings
September 3: Labor Day - No classes
September 4: First day of classes
October 8: Columbus Day - No classes (October 10: Monday schedule will be followed) 
October 18: Professional Day - No classes
October 21-27: Mid-semester evaluations
November 11-12: Veterans Day - No classes
November 15: Last day for student-generated withdrawal
November 22-23: Thanksgiving - No classes
December 14: Last day of Day/Weekend & Evening classes
December 15-21: Evening/Weekend Final Examinations
December 17-21: Day Final Examinations