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At Bristol Community College, you get it.

As you think about your future, you know what a college education can do. You can gain the tools you need to face an uncertain economy and chart a bright, successful road ahead. Yes, college can be expensive. It costs money and time and energy.

So you know college is a smart choice. And as you are considering how to make it happen, consider another smart choice. Bristol Community College.


Wherever you are in the SouthCoast, there's a BCC Campus or satellite nearby. Bristol has full-service locations in Fall River, New Bedford, Attleboro, and Taunton. Couple that with our hundreds of online courses, and state-of-the-art programs like "eHealthCareers," and you have the flexibility to learn how you want to learn on the schedule that works for you.


Compare the cost of attending BCC for one year, including tuition and fees, to other local institutions:

  • Bristol Community College $4,176
  • UMass Dartmouth $11,680
  • Bridgewater State University $8,053
  • Stonehill College $37,426
  • Roger Williams University $29,976


Start your journey to a career. Or, just start your journey...whatever it may be. With transfer options across Massachusetts and beyond, and real-life training that gives you the "life experience" so many employers are looking for, BCC isn't just a good place to's the smart place to start.

Whatever it is you are looking for, you get it at BCC.

Apply to Bristol Community College today!

Faculty Beth Donovan

Meet Beth Donovan – professor, “math geek,” awesome teacher.

Faculty Erik Durant

Faculty love what they do and teach it, too.

Student Accounts – Alex Tavares

Alex Tavares came to BCC with a love for his hometown and a love for food. Although he didn't start there, he eventually wound up in the College's renowned Culinary Arts program...a move that would change his life. Alex graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts and decided to open his own restaurant in the Flint neighborhood where he grew up. Influenced by his upbringing and the talents he learned in BCC's kitchens, Alex launched his eatery, "Viva Comida," in the Fall of 2013 to the delight of local food goers.

See more student stories at YouTube

Why Bristol Community College?

More than 20,000 people choose Bristol Community College every year. BCC serves the entire community, and the many different types of learners that walk our campuses. It’s the perfect way to start your college career, and it’s the choice for many students returning to school after a few years away. It doesn’t matter if you are just getting started, looking to boost your resume, or finish up and launch into new opportunities - BCC can be the right choice for you.

College paves the way to a better economic future for you, your family, and your community.

  • 60 percent of the jobs in Massachusetts over the next 20 years will need some post-secondary education.
  • Those who earn an associate's degree earn more than $400,000 in their lifetime from someone with only a high school diploma. (More than $1 million with a bachelor's degree!)
  • People with college degrees weathered the recent recession better than those without degrees

With small classes, committed faculty, and connected students, you can find your niche and make your way to that bright future. 

Learning made real

Classroom learning infuses practical experience to prepare you for your next step after BCC. Programs incorporate real-time learning experiences, whether you’re working with a local business to develop a website, preparing a marketing proposal, practicing clinical skills, or whatever you can imagine. In most programs you can take advantage of internships, field placements, and optional Cooperative Education positions where you earn wages and credit toward your degree and experience toward your résumé. The College’s Service-Learning program also gives you opportunity to earn class credit for meaningful community experiences that help you and others.



Find the tools you need to make a great future. Compare our resources, our faculty, and our services to those of other colleges – there’s no better choice for getting started and getting ahead.


We’ve all heard the stories on the news about the high cost of education. Well, not at Bristol Community College! This year, a full-time (30 credits) course load at BCC costs about $5,200 − the same as last year! Compare that to other public or private colleges.


Earn the first two years of a four-year degree at Bristol Community College, and you are likely to find yourself actively recruited by great colleges and universities. Students who earned an associate degree at Bristol have transferred to Brown University, Northeastern University, and more.


Ample on-campus computer facilities, updated science labs, wireless access, SMART classrooms, and the latest in teaching technology are just some ways that BCC helps you to take maximum advantage of technology’s power.

After BCC

As much as you’ll enjoy your time with us, we know you’re preparing to move on. From the moment you step in any learning space, we’ll work with you to plan your next step. With a broad range of student services in financial aid, academic advisement, career planning, transfer counseling, and job placement, we can help you plan your career at BCC to best support your goals–or to help you figure out what those goals should be.

Get connected. Still have questions or concerns? Come talk to us. See how BCC can connect you to your future.