Emerging Scholars Program

The Emerging Scholars Program (formally Connection Services) seeks to provide Bristol students on warning and probation with an academic support system to assist in the realization of their academic goals. Students enrolled in the program will be matched with an Emerging Scholars Advocate who will meet regularly with them one on one to develop individualized plans for academic success. 

Participating in the Emerging Scholars Program can help you: 

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you recognize ways to capitalize on your individual academic talents and skills.  
  • Develop new skills and strategies that may be useful as you pursue your education 
  • Connect you with valuable resources and services available on campus. 

For general questions and information about the Emerging Scholars Program please call 774.357.3505. For information on Academic Standing and the Academic Dismissal and Reinstatement process please refer to the 
Academic Catalog or call 774.357.2186.