Global Leadership Certificate

The Global Leadership Certificate program offers students the opportunity to develop the global perspective and interpersonal competencies needed for success in the emerging global workplace such as communication, team building, leadership, and project management skills and to practice them by engaging in service-learning. It also offers them the opportunity to learn strategies for applying their education to address social problems in their community. The requirements to earn this 15-credit certificate are outlined in the college catalog and listed below.

  • Students must take one of the two leadership courses that focus on development of interpersonal competencies and skills needed for success as a leader in the global and local communities (i. e., PSY 271 or PSY 295).  Students must engage in community service in the leadership course either by completing a service-learning project or leading peers on a community service project.
  • Students must take at least one course that meets the Global Awareness General Education competency and complete a service-learning project for it. This course may not be Global Leadership if it is taken as the leadership course for this certificate.
  • Students must complete at least three other courses in their program of study or program electives with or without a service-learning component.

A student who completes these requirements should indicate his or her eligibility to receive the certificate at Commencement on his or her Intent to Graduate Form.