Lash Division for Teaching & Learning

The Lash Division supports faculty, staff, and students’ teaching and learning. Click the buttons below to learn more about each area of the Lash Division. 

Lash CTL Button ImageThe Lash Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides professional development opportunities and resources for Faculty and Professional Staff. The CTL also hosts the Adjunct Faculty Center which provides office space, clerical assistance, and resources for adjunct faculty. A link to the OneBook program is also available on the CTL webpage.


Lash Library Services Button ImageLibrary Services contribute to teaching and learning by developing, maintaining, organizing and making accessible a collection of resources, serving as an educational and cultural resource for the community, and teaching information literacy skills and knowledge. Information about Open Educational Resources is on the Library page.


Lash Learning Commons Button Image
The Learning Commons can help students through their day-to-day challenges to reach the next level of educational experience. One-on-one, program-specific and writing tutoring are available. The Learning Commons also offers group tutoring and Supplemental Instruction.


Lash Civic Engagement Button Image
Civic Engagement helps students expand their educational background while also giving back to their community through Service-Learning. Students’ education expands by completing projects that are related to their classroom learning.


Lash Buttons_Credit for Prior Learning Image‌Through a process called Credit for Prior Learning, students can demonstrate knowledge that they have gained through training, work experience, volunteer opportunities, MOOCs or other non-academic activities prior to enrolling at Bristol. Students can earn credit for life learning if they demonstrate knowledge that meets course outcomes of their academic program in one of these three ways: by credential, by examination, by portfolio.


Lash Coop Button Image
Cooperative Education at BCC is an academic internship program which connects the best qualified students to employers in a supervised work environment related to their majors.



For more information about the Lash CTL, visit the Center for Teaching and Learning blog. ‌‌