Project Management

As company executives and entrepreneurs deal with the daily responsibilities of managing the business, the importance of hiring dedicated project managers to oversee efforts from conception to completion is becoming a fast-growing field.

The Project Management Institute estimates 15.7 million new project management jobs globally by 2020.

Are you prepared to meet the complex logistical and technical requirements that many of today's projects demand?

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Proposed Project Management Courses:

PRM 101 - Foundations of Project Management

This course covers effective management of both long-term development programs and short-term projects. Project management principles and methodology are provided with special focus on planning, controlling, and managing projects to successful completion. Topics may include management and leadership, cultural differences, organizational structures, conflict, negotiation, and determining strategy.

PRM 102 - Organizational Behavior and Projects 

This course details the relationship between the organizations that host projects and the projects themselves. Projects are a key vehicle for the execution of organizational strategy, and the effectiveness of that execution is determined to a large extent by the environment that the organization itself creates for those projects. This course will also draw topics from ethics, professionalism, and project leadership.

PRM 104 - Project Stakeholder and Communications Management.

This course provides students with comprehensive project-communications and stakeholder-engagement knowledge and skills. Students will master theoretical and applied skills drawn extensively from the plan, distribute, and manage project communications knowledge modules found in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

PRM 201 - Project Scope, Resource, Cost and Time Management. 

This course furthers the students understanding of key knowledge areas in the field of project management. With a focus on the key concept of the 'triple constraint,' students will gain critical knowledge of the factors that lead to a successful project.

PRM 202 - Project Risk, Change and Quality Management

This course continues to examine at greater depth some of the key foundational concepts of Project Management. Working with real-life project examples and accepted project management standards, this course will provide students with a strong understanding of managing the risk, change and quality components of a project.

PRM 204 - Advanced Project Management Concepts 

This course provides students with an understanding of important project management concepts which are not foundational to project management but would be encountered by more senior project managers as they advance in their career. The concepts include, but are not limited to, procurement management, global project management, program and portfolio management, etc.

PRM 205 - CAPM Exam Preparation 

This course will prepare students to sit for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) examination administered via the Project Management Institute (PMI) governing body of project management.

PRM 206 - Project Management Internship 

This internship places students in an environment to further enhance their training and studies in the field of project management under the supervision of a faculty member and an assigned practicing project manager. This course will focus on the preparation a resume and cover letter, researching various job settings to match student's career interests, and preparation for an interview.