12th Annual Bristol Cake Show & Competition



2019 Bristol Cake Show Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 12th Annual Bristol Cake Show and Competition and congrats to all the winners! Click here to view all of the first place winners. See the complete list of winners below. 

Wedding Cake Category

Teen Division
1st place: Reese Medeiros/ Ellie Avena, Newport Area Career & Technical Center

Culinary Student Division 
1st place: Hannah Rehmer, Johnson & Wales University
2nd place: Gabrielle Hatem, Johnson & Wales University
3rd place: Grace Parrinello, Johnson & Wales University

Novice Division
1st place: Kaeli Morales
2nd place: Jasmin Vega

Intermediate Division
1st place: Kayla Jeanne Neveux
2nd place: Asa Harned
3rd place: Cristopher Jimenez

Show Cake Category

Youth Division 
1st place: Zayjiana Ramirez
2nd place: Karver Coelho
3rd place: Brooke Dmitruk/ Morgyn Shaw

Teen Division 
1st place: Christina DaCosta
2nd place: Desiree Correira
3rd place: Anna Pelletier/Marissa Baum,

Culinary Student Division
1st place: Sarah LaRose, Johnson & Wales University
2nd place: Catherine Lannan, Bristol Community College
3rd place: Carly Feins, Johnson & Wales University

Novice Division
1st place: Candice Milionis
2nd place: Antoaneta Babilonia
3rd place: Kimberly Lemley

Intermediate Division
1st place: Selyna Murray
2nd place: Katelynn Melanson
3rd place: Margaret Murphy

Advanced Division
1st place: Robert Zielinski
2nd place: Kerry St. Pierre
3rd place: Marlene Souza

Novelty Cupcake Category

Youth Division
1st place: Jaxson Woodacre Thomas Woodacre

Teen Division
1st place: Jasmine Hazard, Destiny Mitchell, Sidney Robertson, East Providence Career & Tech Center

Novice Division
1st place: Ann Schaefer-Reid

Advanced Division
1st place: Kristine L. Hastreiter