Dental Hygiene Treatment and Exam

Cleaning and Exam

As a student, under supervision of faculty, you will perform a thorough examination and cleaning of the teeth. This includes examining the hard and soft tissue of the head and neck, assessing normal tissue and tooth structures, recording present fillings, crowns and bridges, evaluating soft debris and plaque in the mouth, and removing calcified deposits from patients' teeth.

Periodontal Exam

This process involves evaluation of the gums and bone around the teeth to identify conditions that may compromise periodontal health and function.

Other Preventive Services

  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatment
Nutritional counseling 

  • Health history screening
Oral cancer screening 

  • Blood pressure screening

  • Appliance (denture/partial) cleaning

Educational Services

These services offer explanation and demonstration of individualized oral hygiene techniques.


The student will place protective plastic coating on the chewing surfaces of eligible teeth to prevent cavities.

Radiographs (X-Rays)

Panoramic bitewing and/or full mouth radiographs to examine the teeth and surrounding structures. A duplicate set of x-rays will be forwarded to the patient's dentist for diagnosis.