Create an Oracle database table - speaker notes

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Introduction to the creation of an Oracle database table.

Slide 2:


CREATE TABLE table-name

(field/column name type with size in parenthesis for non

fixed length types,

field/column name type with size in parenthesis,



Slide 3:

If you want a separation between words in the name of a table or the name of a field, use the underscore. Do not use embedded spaces.

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CREATE TABLE is used to create the table.

DESCRIBE is used to show the structure of a table that has already been created.

Slide 5:

To put data into the table, you use the INSERT command.


Values(list the fields that are going into each column for this row/record - varchar2, char and date fields must be enclosed in single quotes - numeric columns are not enclosed in quotes)

Slide 6:

NOTE that the column names are abbreviated since the column size is determined by the specified data length.