Women's Center

Women's Center

The mission of the Women’s Center at Bristol Community College is to provide a safe and supportive space of empowerment through advocacy and education. The Women’s center promotes the concept of intersectionality—that gender intersects with all other markers of identity—and thus works to help students understand the complexity of their lives and the lives of others.  

This work is done by making the connections between the classroom and the outside world by organizing and facilitating student center programs, workshops, lectures, and seminars aimed at improving self-esteem, developing leadership skills, promoting diversity, and raising awareness about women’s and gender issues. The center commits itself to the support and progress of all students in their personal, academic and career needs.

Student support services include:

  • Safe space 
  • Study area 
  • Resource Center
  • Professional wardrobe closet
  • Ongoing programs focused on retention & social development
  • Emotional/crisis support
    • Support and referrals to community organizations for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence
  • Women’s circle
  • Stories that Inspire Series
  • Women Center book club
  • Speakers and discussion panels on topics that relate to women
  • Multicultural events that celebrate women. 

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The Bristol Women's Center is located in the E-Building, room 104A. The Women’s Center welcomes your ideas and collaborations. 

if you have questions or comments, please Women's Center Director Iva Brito at 508.357.2954 or by email at iva.brito@bristolcc.edu.