Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Commonwealth Honors Program

The Program

The Commonwealth Honors Program (CHP) at BCC offers intellectually challenging experiences to highly motivated and gifted students in every discipline. The program allows you to customize honors experiences to meet your own individual needs and desires. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty members, crafting intellectually stimulating experiences that are appropriate for you and what you want to get out of your BCC experience. Also, the program is offered within the Community College Advantage - which means you can earn the first two years of your baccalaureate degree for lower cost than at the four-year institutions.

An honors student who completes all of the requirements of the program will graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Program Scholar. However, being in the honors program does not obligate you to meet all of the graduation requirements of the program. An honors student may choose to take advantage of only one or two offerings within the program. There are no limitations, obligations, or drawbacks to being in the program, only opportunities.

What makes the BCC Commonwealth Honors Program Different?

You work one-on-one with a faculty member to craft personalized learning experiences. You may develop a community water monitoring study to supplement an environmental science course, or research the social and economic impact commercial fishing has had on the City of New Bedford. Perhaps you will work with a professor to develop articles for publication, or write poetry, and organize and lead a poetry slam. Only your own imagination and motivation limit you.

The CHP offers three different types of experience:

  • The Honors Course is only open to students in the CHP. All students receive honors credit.
  • The Honors Component Course is a regular BCC course in which the CHP student works with the instructor of the course to design enriched personalized experiences that earn the student honors credit for the course.
  • The Culminating Honors Project is a one-credit honors project required of all CHP students to graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Program Scholar. It is directed by a faculty member and involves independent research and work. It could grow out of an honors course, or be developed separately. Students are encouraged to present their projects at appropriate conferences.