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BCC2BSU is a guaranteed dual admission initiative beginning in Fall 2017 for targeted undergraduate programs.

If you are admitted to BCC, you can be granted a conditional admission to Bridgewater State University without having to re-apply to BSU upon completion of your associate’s degree. In the BCC2BSU program, you will experience collaborative and intensive academic advising from BSU as well as deep engagement of peer mentors, faculty members and administrators to ensure your success.

Qualifying BCC students will receive a BSU connect card, an ID that offers a number of discounts at local businesses as well as campus access to events and select specialized programs such as financial literacy. You will also become eligible to participate in targeted immersive summer residential program at BSU while you are at their community colleges.

Benefits of BCC2BSU

  • Because of the nature Massachusetts’ economy, we need more highly educated graduates (bachelors, masters, etc.) to maintain and grow our economy.
  • In the next decade, 660,000 college educated workers across the Commonwealth will retire.
  • Between 2009 and 2020, the number of high schools graduates in Massachusetts will decline by 9%.
  • By 2020, 72% of jobs in Massachusetts will require at least some college education. 
  • 17% of all Massachusetts residents aged 25 – 65 have some college but no degree. 
  • Low college completion rates for students of color and low – income students are slowly improving but persist as a challenge for the economy. 

“The state needs us to produce more college educated workers; it’s a desperate crying need in all corners of the state. We’re going to focus on gateway cities and underserved populations. By tying all the pieces of the admission and transfer process together and offering high levels of support, we are offering high levels of support, we are offering the first program of its kind between two – year and four – year public institution in the commonwealth. We need to make a difference for many more students than we’re making now. That’s the whole point of it – to make a difference.”

- BSU President Fred Clark

Contact Details

Transfer Services
Fall River Campus
Phone: 508.678.2811, ext. 2234
Location: G211

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