Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Events for new students

So, you've made the decision to come to BCC. Feeling excited? Maybe overwhelmed? That's why we provide you with a variety of events to help you feel more prepared (and comfortable!) to start your journey.

You are strongly encouraged to attend on our on-campus events, while also using the resources on this website. Consider bookmarking this page and checking back regularly, as we'll soon be posting our upcoming offerings.

NEXT NIGHTS (formerly Family Nights)

Next Nights provide students recently accepted to the College, along with their families and friends, an opportunity to come to campus and learn about the processes they need to complete as they become students at the College. Attending a Next Night is the first step of the Orientation Process. Students who participate in a Next Night should also plan to participate in an Orientation.


By participating in an Orientation, students become more familiar with their academic program of study (major), along with a variety of services and resources that are available to them throughout their time at the College. (For example, did you know that BCC students may access free tutoring through the Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC)? What a great deal!) Like Family Nights, Orientations are offered more than once a year to align with the semester that a student begins their coursework.

Next Night and Orientation Dates