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  • Have you had a positive experience during your first semester or year at BCC?
  • What do you know now that you want to share with others who are just starting their college journey?
  • Is there a resource you recently discovered that you think others should know about, too?

Does this sound like you? Here's your chance to pay it forward.

We're interested in sharing your words of wisdom with new students (and even those thinking of starting their journey at BCC). Fill out the form below and click "submit". It's as easy at that. If your advice is selected, we'll post it on this site. Pretty cool, huh?

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By clicking 'Submit Form', I acknowledge that my submission is my own work and does not violate College policy. I also grant permission for my entry to be used in association with new student programs, including but not limited to this website, New Student Orientation and other related events/publications.

Questions? Contact the First Year Engagement Specialist, Michael Hull, at ext. 3430 or via email at

* Bristol NewBEE   \bris-tl\  \;noo \bee\
[definition: noun; a student new to Bristol Community College]