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Success starts here. [Getting Started]

As a student transitioning into BCC, you may be wondering, "Where do I start"? Use this checklist as a guide and don't hesitate to ask for help along the way. In addition, check out this short video< to help get you started with your admission application.

Did you know that as you are applying for admission to BCC you can also begin applying for financial aid? When it comes to funding your education, there are a series of options available; contact our Financial Aid office to learn more, or view these videos. Information regarding tuition and fees and the NBS Monthly Payment Plan (FACTS) are available through our Student Accounts Office.

→ Important Note about Financial Aid:

NEW and REVISED effective January 2012:Your financial aid eligibility is based on your enrollment level on a specific date at the start of each semester. Your eligibility will be based on your registered credits at the end of the "drop" period. The drop period typically ends on the 14th calendar day of the traditional full semester. You should plan to register for all classes, specifically late-starting classes, by this freeze date. If you register for a class after the freeze date, that enrollment will not be included in your financial aid award, which means that you will be responsible for paying those charges on your own. This change is in accordance with federal guidelines to insure that payments and enrollment levels are correct.

Have you heard about the Placement Test (Accuplacer™)? A wealth of information is available on the Placement Testing webpage; you will want to familiarize yourself with this resource.

→ Important Note about Placement Testing:

There are study guides available to help you prepare for the placement tests. Take these tests seriously, as your scores determine your course eligibility.

Curious to know when you may pick your courses? After you have completed the Accuplacer and received your scores, you are eligible to register for classes. You will meet with an academic advisor to build your course schedule. Visit the Advisement Center to learn more about this process.

→ Important Note about Academic Advising:

This is a good time, if you have not already done so, to connect with the Office of Disability Services (ODS) if you think you may benefit from additional support and accommodations.

Eager to purchase your textbooks (and yes, you do need them for class)? But before you head to the bookstore or begin searching online retailers, make sure you weigh the options. Visit the Bookstore to learn more.

Have you obtained your student ID? The accessBCC One Card serves as your official Bristol Community College identification card; you may obtain yours in G-221 or in K-130. Your ID card may be used to make purchases (such as textbooks, particularly if you qualify for a book advance), access college facilities, activities, and more. The card also serves as your library card making it more convenient and flexible to check out books. (Note: You will need to activate your card at the Learning Resource Center in order to access online library resources off campus.)

Are you in good standing with the Health Services Office? An important piece of the enrollment process is completing all immunization and health insurance requirements as mandated by state law. Failure to do so may result in a HOLD being placed on your grades and future registration. Spare yourself the frustration and last minute stress - submit all necessary paperwork early on in your BCC career.