Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Welcome to BCC

President John J. Sbrega, Ph.D.

Congratulations on your decision to enroll at Bristol Community College. You could not have made a better choice, and I shall tell you why.

First, our faculty at BCC is outstanding and committed to your success. The instructors not only master the content of their disciplines but also excel in conveying that information to you. Not all colleges can make that boast. Second, BCC enjoys a superb staff of dedicated employees who devote themselves to our highest priority: "Student Success." Third, BCC has built an elaborate student support system to supplement the learning process as well as to foster personal development. For example, our tutoring, writing, and math support labs and our counseling services are without equal. Fourth, our institutional priority of "holistic education" emphasizes the value of student experiences at BCC outside of the classroom. Thus, the College has an ambitious array of co-curricular activities, such as student clubs, governance committees, and athletics/recreation, which enhance your education and personal development. Please be assured of our single-minded commitment to you; your success means our success. I look forward to hearing about your experience at Bristol.

President John J Sprega

Email: President Sprega Phone: (508) 678-2811 Ext. 2187

Vice President Steven Ozug

Welcome to Bristol Community College. Your enrollment at BCC is an important first step towards a promising and rewarding future. Earning a higher education degree will open doors that otherwise might not be available.

Whether you are here as a career student looking to enter into a chosen field of employment after graduation, a transfer student seeking to continue on at a Baccalaureate Institution, or just exploring options, we are here to help. On behalf of the entire Student Services Division, I want you to know that we will be partners with you on this journey. Our primary goal is to work with you in achieving your goal.

As a new student at the College, you will experience many new achievements and of course new challenges. Utilize the myriad of resources that are available. These resources are designed for your success. If you are reading this message, you have already taken another important step, accessing the FYE@BCC. This is part of being an engaged learner. Please, continue to become engaged and connected, and also get involved. Take full advantage of the tremendous opportunity that is being afforded to you.

I wish you great success,

Steven Ozug
Vice President of Students

Email: Steven Ozug
Phone: (508) 678-2811 Ext. 2150